2 clicks for a better protection of your data

Many websites use the “Recommend” / “Like” or “Share” button of Facebook, Google+, Twitter and others. Just by opening a web page which has buttons like this, data of the users is delivered to the owners of these social networks. In addition to the URL of the page currently visited by the person, they get, among other things, identification information which is linked to the person, at least for users who are logged in there. Facebook & others can then generate a complete surfing profile of their users.

TRUMPF’s policy dictates that the user should be able to decide by him/herself if he/she is willing to deliver this kind of information to others.

It’s up to you

That’s why we implemented a specific kind of button, which can be switched on or off. So, it’s up to you to decide if it’s okay for you that social networks get the data or not. You can decide this for just one page or for the complete website.