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Marketing is a “service to customers”, says Prof. Christian Blümelhuber.

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2 questions for…

… Prof. Christian Blümelhuber, InBev-Baillet Latour Chair of Euromarketing, Solvey Business School at the University of Brussels

What characterizes good marketing?

Good marketing is devoted to creating utility, building strong brands, and establishing relationships from which the customer benefits, too. From the buyer’s perspective, marketing is a “service to customers”. They will feel that they have been well served when, for example, they receive information they really need or unexpected and inspiring services. It is also a question of making full use of the potentials hidden away in one’s own marketing resources – selling power, brand strength and creativity. Good marketing is marketing “that works”.

What special factors should be observed in B2B marketing?

You might say that “marketing is all the same”. But there are differences. Finding the customer isn’t quite as easy in B2B marketing. Companies do not make decisions and do not carry out any marketing. It is always people who do that. This is also true in B2B, even though the structure is a bit more complex. Here it is especially important to make an impact on the individual members of this “community”. And of course, one should never lose sight of utility for the customer.


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 This article was first published in autumn 2012.

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