Never a still moment

The first ball rolls down the track. After its dedication, the installation is available to the relatives of children being treated for cancer.

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When the first ball rolled sleekly along its track, the pupils of the St. Agnes School for Girls had the proof before them — theirs was a job well done. A creative marble run is the result of the “Technology is Feminine” cooperative program which was initiated by TRUMPF and this secondary school in Stuttgart. The purpose was to get girls interested in technology.

The marble run now stands in the garden at the Blue House in Stuttgart. This building offers relatives of children suffering from cancer a retreat near Stuttgart’s Olga Hospital, where the children are treated. This special toy was designed and constructed by Class 8d over the course of the year. To this end the girls traveled to Ditzingen every Wednesday afternoon. Working in the apprenticeship shop they welded, milled and bent metal, together with TRUMPF’s apprentices, until the work was completed.

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