The bending punches and dies are moved from the ToolShuttle to the machine, without physical effort, by way of a transfer slide.

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More time for bending

The new TRUMPF ToolShuttle reduces set-up times for press brakes and simplifies the operator’s work, as well. The ToolShuttle stores up to 160 meters of bending tools on four levels, in a closed housing. The controls make it possible to access the required tool at any time and to collect it at a central input and output station. Ideally, the ToolShuttle is located between two bending machines. In this way the bending tools can be passed, using a transfer slide, directly to the tool clamping point. This saves the machine’s operator the time spent searching for tools and moving heavy tools back and forth. This also significantly reduces physical strain.

Saves space

An additional advantage of the ToolShuttle is that it saves space. Requiring less than six square meters of floor space, the ToolShuttle offers 32 storage compartments, each holding up to five meters of bending tools. These compartments are distributed over four levels. The storage arrangement within the ToolShuttle is flexible. Depending on individual requirements, the bending tools can be sorted by tool type, or grouped together for specific jobs, or organized by families of parts. Since the ToolShuttle is a closed system, the tooling stays clean during storage. An optional air dryer makes for enhanced corrosion protection.

Minimizes set-up times

The ToolShuttle not only stores tooling so as to keep it clean and safe from damage. It also helps to minimize set-up times and to extend the productive cycles at the brake presses. It is often found that, without the ToolShuttle, the individual items are spread over several tool carts near the machines. Finding the required tool and taking it to the machine is, in some cases, associated with physical effort. The ToolShuttle does away with any need for tool carts. The appropriate bending tools can be easily called up using the controls and movement from the central input and output station to the machine itself is made quite easy with a transfer slide. That saves about 50 percent in set-up time and that is time in which the brake press can be doing productive work.   


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