One for all occasions

By a simple change of the adapter strips, TRUMPF‘s VLM die is transformed into a multi-talented bending tool.

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One for all occasions

The VLM by TRUMPF adjusts to different die widths.

Many different dies for different die widths? You can forget all that by using TRUMPF’s VLM die with adjustable plates. Adjustment strips can be inserted to type BN of the VLM die, ideal for sheet metals from 3 to 15 millimeters thick, for die widths of 24 to 124 millimeters.

Type DN on the other hand, ideal for sheet metal from 5 to20 millimeters, is the best choice for die widths ranging from 62 to 182 millimeters. Apart from reducing downtime by up to 30 percent, both these models make mark-free bending due to rollers that rotate as needed. The minimized interference contour makes both these products convincing.



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