Simpler than ever

With EasyUse, the new optical identification system, reground dies and shims can be installed very simply and without measuring.

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Simpler than ever

EasyUse facilitates set-up for TRUMPF punching tools.

Punching tools made by TRUMPF can be set up even more quickly and easily thanks to the EasyUse marking concept. It eliminates the measurement work otherwise needed when installing re-ground dies and the required shims. Correct installation of a reworked die in the tool cartridge requires that the die’s upper surface be at the original height. This is achieved by inserting shims underneath. In the past, the operator had to measure both the shim and the reworked die and that involved considerable time and effort. 

At a glance

Located at the edge of the EasyUse die is a scale showing graduations of 0.1 millimeter. When the die is reground, a part of the scale is also removed. In this way the operator can easily determine how much the die has been reground and which shim is required.

If the line edging the scale can be seen only as of the third graduation, then the die has been ground down by 0.3 millimeters. Restoring the original position requires a shim 0.3 millimeters thick. The thickness of the shim is also encoded, by way of holes, thus eliminating all measuring work. The shims exhibit one hole per 0.1 millimeter of material thickness. This means that a shim 0.3 millimeters thick is identified by its three holes.

Optical markings

The EasyUse, a remarkably simple optical system, eliminates the measurements required in the past when installing the dies for TRUMPF punching tools. As of January 2013, TRUMPF will be shipping dies from the Classic System and the matching shims all with the optical markings and at no additional charge to customers.


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Each shim is marked to show its thickness. One hole indicates 0.1 millimeter of thickness. That eliminates all measurement work.

The scale shows the grinding depth at intervals of 0.1 millimeter. When dies are reground, a part of the line above the digits is removed, corresponding to the height reduction. In the photo, this value is 0.2 millimeter.