14 ways to better laser cutting Productive, high in quality, and reliable in processing. Fourteen useful helpers make your work easier.

BrightLine, LensLine and all their friends help achieve fast and positive laser cutting.

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14 enhancements for laser cutting

Highly productive, top quality, process reliability — these useful assistants simply make work easier.

1 BrightLine

This special cutting system produces the highest quality cuts in thick stainless and mild steel. The smoothness and squareness of the cut edge are far superior to a standard cut. No finishing work is required.

2 ContourLine

ContourLine makes it possible to accurately cut contoured holes with diameters much smaller than the material thickness. A pulsed beam system controls the introduction of heat into the material.

3 ControlLine

Sensors keep the distance between the cutting nozzle and the sheet metal  constant – even if the sheet is uneven. ControlLine determines the position of the sheet and adjusts the cutting program, eliminating the need to correct the position manually.

4 CoolLine

The selective cooling of the workpiece during the cutting process allows new geometries and significantly increases process reliability in the processing of thick mild steel.

5 DetectLine

The intelligent camera system scans sheets in process very accurately and determines their precise position. The machine can also use this data to detect parts which have already been cut, in order to process them further and with absolute precision. In addition, DetectLine automatically adjusts the focus position.

6Single cutting head strategy

Save time by using a single cutting head that does not require changing. This reduces non-productive time, especially when you are automatically processing a number of different materials.

7 FlyLine

The cutting head travels at high speed over the entire sheet line by line. The control system cuts all the contour sections in the respective beam path. This reduces the time spent on traversing and positioning, especially when cutting perforated grids.

8 FocusLine

An adaptive mirror in the beam guidance system makes it possible to automatically adjust the focus position to the material type and thickness. The result: Maximum processing speed and excellent edge quality across the entire range of surfaces and materials – without the need for manual adjustment.

9High-speed cutting

A special cutting head selectively introduces metal vapor plasma to significantly increase cutting speed.

10Laser output control

The laser power output is automatically adapted to the cutting speed. This ensures optimum cut quality even on sharp corners and small contours.

11 LensLine

LensLine immediately switches off the beam if the focusing lens accumulates a critical amount of debris. This prevents the lens from thermally decomposing and keeps the beam guidance system clean. The system automatically checks the condition of the lens in the mounted cutting head. So the lens is only cleaned when necessary – not just as a precaution.

12 NitroLine

This technique introduces nitrogen at very high pressure to produce oxide-free edges. As a result, you can cut thicker sheets and achieve very high cutting speeds in stainless steel and aluminum.

13 PierceLine

PierceLine monitors and controls the piercing process. This reduces stress on the material and machine and shortens pierce time by up to 80%.

14 PlasmaLine

If plasma forms when thick sheets are being cut, the control system reduces the feed speed or stops the axis motion. The beam is not interrupted, meaning PlasmaLine ensures high process reliability and part quality.



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This article was first published in summer 2010.

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