A clever tilting aid Removing small parts process-reliably through the parts flap or chute: with the Slitting Tool size 5, with the beveled die.

Leonard Schindewolf, developer of punching tools at TRUMPF, contributes to clever tool concepts.

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A clever tilting aid

Leonard Schindewolf, who develops punching tools at TRUMPF, on the benefits of the Slitting Tool size 5 to remove small parts.

What advantages does the Slitting Tool size 5, with the beveled die, offer?

This tool lets you not only separate parts in the usual manner. Now you can also remove small parts process-reliably through the parts flap or chute. In the past, after the punching cycle was complete, they were more or less “shoved” toward the parts flap or chute by the plate of sheet metal as it advanced. That was often a problem, above all for thin sheet metal, since the part to be removed could slip above or below the sheet metal and jam there. And this kind of push-out was simply not possible near the claws, due to the particulars of the process.

Thanks to the special geometry of this new tool, the part has already been put in a slanted position on the beveled die. Any additional push-out procedure is superfluous.

Where is the guarantee that every part is actually removed?

A light barrier ensures process reliability. It makes sure that all the parts – even the smallest – are properly removed.

How small can a part be and still be sure to be removed by this new slitting tool?

Minimum part length is forty millimeters so that gravity can take effect and tilt the part.

If we’re referring to small parts here, are we talking only about waste parts?

No, not at all. The advantages of this tool come to bear particularly with good parts. No longer do they have to be removed together with the waste parts – across the die and into the chip tube, as was the case in the past. Instead they tip over the parts flap or chute right into the corresponding receiver for good parts. Later sorting to recover parts from the scrap bin is eliminated.

On which machines can this tool be used?

It can be used on all the machines with a lift axis. That means the TruPunch 5000, the TruMatic 7000 with the active die, and the TruPunch 3000 with the descending die.

The tool is often mentioned in conjunction with skeleton-free processing. Is this the major area for its use?

Combining this size 5 tool with the function “skeleton-free processing” makes good sense in any case, since small parts are often produced there. This new tool works especially well with the bi-level stripper for clamping and turning. But it also functions alone – whenever small parts are to be removed with complete process-reliability.


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The new Slitting Tool size 5 can be retrofitted to:

  • TruPunch 3000, version S3.0
  • TruPunch 5000, version S7.10
  • TruMatic 7000, version S5.0

The prerequisite here is that the active or descending die be present. The tool is utilized with the tool Cartridge Size 5 and the appropriate adapter. Read more here.

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