Economical bending High joint speeds with simplified controls and an attractive cost-to-benefit ratio: That's how the new generation of the TruBend Series 3000 makes for profitable manufacturing even at low machine utilization rate.

The TruBend 3100 offers a safe and pleasant workplace. Contributing to this are, for example, the BendGuard and an ergonomic foot switch.

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Economical bending

The new generation of the TruBend Series 3000, made by TRUMPF, combines high joint speeds with simplified controls and an attractive cost-to-benefit ratio. That makes for profitable manufacturing even at low machine utilization rate.

Simple to operate, rugged, and reliable – these describe the new TruBend Series 3000 by TRUMPF. The multi-touch-control and the space-saving design are the predominant features. But the design is convincing not only in visual terms. The backgauges can move across the entire bending length, which enables its unrestricted use when bending. Automatic crowning makes for constant angles. In addition, the high joint speeds make this machine the fastest in its class.

The first machine of this series is the TruBend 3100 with press force of 1,000 kilonewtons and three meters of bending length. Standard equipment includes a two-axis backgauge; this may, as an option, be expanded to a four- or five-axis backgauge. This makes it possible to position sheet metal securely, even where complex part geometries are involved.

Simply climb aboard to make the change

Thanks to its modest investment costs, the TruBend 3100 is well suited for newcomers in the business of manual bending. The operating concept is simple and intuitive. The machine’s operator can sketch components and program them graphically at a large display with modern multi-touch control. The exact bending parameters are calculated by the control circuits, based on TRUMPF technology data derived in decades of experience.


The operating concept for the new TruBend Series 3000 is simple and intuitive. The concept is supported by a large display screen with a modern multi-touch control feature.

3D visualization further simplifies the work and examines the design for potential collisions. If suitable bending programs already exist, they can be imported either via a USB interface or a network connection.

Flexible tool clamping concepts

Moving up to the TruBend Series 3000 is also made simple, since even third-party tools can be used without an adapter. The customer can select from a number of different tool clamping concepts. Manual clamping is standard. Here the upper and lower tools are secured with Allen screws.

The quick clamp option reduces set-up times, since the upper tools are rapidly clamped with a lever. The swiftest option for set-up is automatic hydraulic clamping. In addition, all the clamping systems automatically center the tools, which can be inserted vertically. Both these features reduce clamping times.

Safe and sure bending

A variety of components ensures that the machines in the new TruBend Series 3000 offer a safe and ergonomically correct workplace. Among them is the optoelectronic safety system BendGuard. It uses a light field to monitor the area beneath the upper tool. If there is a discontinuity – a hand interrupting the light field, for example – the machine will be stopped. In this way the system protects the machine’s operator. He can then make use of the machine’s full speed, without any second thoughts, for highly productive bending work.

The BendGuard is positioned at the sides of the machine, next to the ends of the press beam. In preparation for inserting tools from the side, the BendGuard can be simply swung to the rear so that it does not interfere. The position of the BendGuard can be easily adjusted in increments to accommodate differing tool heights.

Small footprint

The machine’s compact design brings about further advantages. It requires only a small footprint, the interior space for the machinery is readily accessible, and it is quickly installed – since it is delivered completely assembled. It is easy to reposition the foot switch which the operator uses to start the bending stroke. The workspace is also well lit, thanks to LED illumination in front of and inside the machine.   


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This article was first published in March 2014.

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BendGuard protects the machine operator. It uses a light field to monitor the area beneath the upper tool. If an object interrupts the light field during operation, then the machine will be stopped at once.

The new TruBend Series 3000 by TRUMPF is compact in design and easy to operate.

Setting up the TruBend 3100 for operation is made simple by the capability to insert the tools vertically. Depending on operational needs, customers can select either a manual or an automatic clamping system.

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