Wishes granted here Bends, brackets, hinges, bridges or multiple tools - the short road to custom punching tools made by TRUMPF.

Christian Jakisch, product consultant for Special Punching Tools at TRUMPF, knows what customers want.

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“How can I help you?”

Christian Jakisch knows exactly how to respond to special customer requests. In this interview he explains how a customer query leads to a finished, custom Punching Tool.

“Special Punching Tools” – that sounds a bit like an out-of-the-ordinary situation. Is that the case?

Not at all! This is the type of challenge we encounter every day. Every month our Technical Consulting Service processes an average of 1,300 requests for custom items, reaching us from all over the world by various means.

How do you respond to an inquiry like this?

Company policy is to acknowledge every customer query within one working day. First of all, we have to determine the type of punch or form needed. That lets us optimize the interaction between the tool and the machine. Individual customer needs always take priority and we work hand-in-hand to find the most economical solution, perfect for the machinery available at the customer’s site.

What is the next step after the proposal has triggered a confirmed order?

The order is passed on to the engineering department, where a 3D model of the Special Punching Tool is generated with the help of a drafting program. This in turn is sent to production, where the tool is manufactured, assembled and checked for proper function. We send a sample of the finished sheet metal part, together with a comprehensive test report, to the customer for approval.

And the customer then gets his Punching Tool?

Yes, exactly. In addition to the tool and sample, we also provide the customer with a USB flash drive containing all of the relevant technical information. Programming tips help the customer import the tool data into TruTops Punch in just a few seconds.

Is it easy for customers to place a repeat order?

We assign a serial number to each Special Tool and archive all of the data about the tool. This means we can also find that tool at a later date and, if need be, supply either an identical copy of the entire tool or just component parts in the tool.


Any questions?

Contact us: MastersofSheetMetal@trumpf.com

This article was first published in summer 2012.

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