My newest Machine Before / After: A pre-owned machine as good as new.

Before: This TruLaser Tube 7000 needs more than just a coat of paint. But with standardized quality processes and original spare parts, you will turn this unit into something that guarantees the quality TRUMPF promises.

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My newest Machine

There are many good reasons for purchasing a pre-owned machine — but there is absolutely no reason to sacrifice quality. At TRUMPF, pre-owned machines also rightly bear the “premium” label. Both inside and outside, they are as good as new. That’s our guarantee.

Buying a pre-owned machine is a matter of trusting the vendor. That is because simply cleaning the surfaces, applying a new coat of paint and replacing a few parts do not add up to a thorough refurbishing. At TRUMPF, a checklist with up to 150 inspection points serves as the guideline. A quality assurance officer is responsible for ensuring that the lists are always up to date and that quality standards are main­tained at all times. In either the manufacturing plant or at the overhaul center near Prague, TRUMPF service engineers inspect every machine right down to the last de­tail. They carry out extensive quality tests and, where more advanced components can be installed, this is done. If parts have to be replaced, then Original Spare Parts are used exclusively, because only they can satisfy the strict TRUMPF quality standards and ensure machine availability over the long term. Thorough cleaning and a new coat of paint put the icing on the cake.  Only after successful inspection and accep­tance of the pre-owned machine at the factory will it be delivered to the customer and commissioned by TRUMPF service engineers. A second acceptance procedure at the customer’s location brings the process to a close.

Customers have a choice

The machine looks just like new, and so it is. That is why customers receive a guarantee on pre-owned machines and profit from comprehensive service support, all around the world.

When selecting a “new” machine, the customer — much like when he chooses the family car — has a choice.  Not only are older models available. There are also “nearly new” machines from the TRUMPF demonstration and training centers.  Attractive financing and leasing options as well as fair buy-back conditions  for machines now in service combine to form a very interesting offer.

This is how a pre-owned machine is overhauled at TRUMPF

Following a checklist containing up to 150 items, service engineers restore a TruLaser Tube to perfect condition.


Karl-Heinz Steinhart, working in final assembly at the TRUMPF plant at Hettingen, examines the resonator. He inspects the deflection mirror and realigns the beam.


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This article was first published in Dezember 2014.

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Interview with
Fredi Gaczensky

Section manager for sheet metal blanks, laser and long part systems,  and manager for finishing  operations at Novelis Deutschland GmbH

“I’d do it again”

Mr. Gaczensky, why did you decide for a pre-owned machine from TRUMPF?

We have had TRUMPF laser cutting machines in operation for many years now and the good service is very persuasive. When we wanted to expand our machinery, quick delivery of the machine was important to us, and that is why we decided for a pre-owned machine.

Were there any differences compared to the purchasing of a new machine?

No, none at all. Pre-sale consultation and support were perfect and our order was processed quickly. The experts at TRUMPF were very professional in their planning and preparations for installation and commissioning so that everything went off smoothly.

Are you satisfied with the machine?

Without adoubt. As a supplier to the automotive industry, we realize how important machine availability is. When purchasing a pre-owned machine from TRUMPF, we can count on the fact that specialists have inspected and overhauled the unit. And we can be sure that it will run.

Would you purchase a pre-owned machine again?

If the need arose, we certainly would.

Novelis Deutschland GmbH, located in Nachterstedt, in the German state of Saxony-Anhalt, was founded in 2005 as a spin-off of the aluminum products manufacturer, Alcan Inc. Novelis has established itself as a global market leader in rolled aluminum products and is the largest aluminum recycler in the world. The company’s German operations employ a staff of about 2,500 people.

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