Quicker setup and maximum flexibility The ToolShuttle made by TRUMPF delivers bending tools on push-button command. That saves setup times and boosts flexibility.

“Nobody pays us for setup time,” says Lothar Weber, manufacturing manager at H. P. Kaysser. He uses the ToolShuttle to trim that time.

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Quicker setup and maximum flexibility

H. P. Kaysser uses the ToolShuttle to shorten non-productive time when bending.

There is relentless growth in the need for flexibility in production at H. P. Kaysser GmbH + Co. KG, located in Leutenbach in Baden-Württemberg. One important reason: Customers are calling for ever smaller batches. This means that press brake operators will have to change tools more and more frequently. The job shop in Leutenbach found the solution in the new ToolShuttle made by TRUMPF.

Located between two press brakes, this setup aid speeds delivering tools to both machines and in this way helps shorten setup times considerably. This is a major advantage, as Lothar Weber, manufacturing manager at H. P. Kaysser, reports. “Nobody pays us for setup time. But these seemingly short periods of time add up over the long run.” The company wants to use the ToolShuttle to exploit potentials for boosting efficiency during the setup phase.

Full flexibility

Tools totaling as much as 160 meters are kept in the ToolShuttle, on four levels, in 32 compartments. There are no restrictions on the size, height or types of tool kept in storage. Custom-designed tools, accessories, and measurement equipment can be stored in the ToolShuttle – clean, well organized, and above all available at all times. Thus the ToolShuttle once again embodies the flexibility that TRUMPF customers have come to expect from the TruBend press brakes. A dehumidifier removes moisture, providing additional protection for the tools in storage.

Tools at the push of a button

The operator simply presses a button to call for the tool he needs. The ToolShuttle puts it within reach, within ten seconds. The machinist then uses a transfer carriage to slide the tool to the press brake, making for convenience in setup work. “This concept eliminates the times consumed in looking for tools and walking to wherever they might be. In the past, our workers had to take the tool out of the cabinet, lay it down on a cart, push that cart to the machine, and then install the tool.” That took time and was strenuous, as well. The ToolShuttle is a real blessing in terms of health for operators’ backs and setup time is reduced by as much as half.

The machine’s surroundings grow with it

“It’s good to see that TRUMPF also pays attention to what happens around the machines. They are turning out parts faster and faster. That makes it very important for the operating environment to keep up with advances in the machinery. Only in this way can we guarantee the ergonomics and efficiency of the workplace,” Weber explains. These advantages fit perfectly into the philosophy followed by H. P. Kaysser. With 350 employees and two operating sites, this company uses a wide variety of machining techniques to manufacture solutions made in metal. It always attaches great importance to efficiency and sustainability at all the different levels.

Sustainable production

Located in the manufacturing halls are two TRUMPF LaserNetworks. One laser in each network serves as the beam source for two machines. Most of the electricity consumed by the laser cutting machines comes from the company’s own photovoltaic system. When training its apprentices, too, the company emphasizes sustainability. Working in an independently managed apprenticeship factory, new trainees learn their trades under real-world conditions. The so-called “Teaching Factory” executes real orders and specializes in short production runs and making up prototypes.


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This article was first published in spring 2013.

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H.  P. Kaysser GmbH + Co. KG, Nellmersbach, Germany. Founded in 1947, 350 employees in Germany and Romania. www.kaysser.de


H .P. Kaysser is a supplier to customers in diversified industries, like mechanical engineering, photovoltaics, and medical technology. Twelve manufacturing sections offer holistic system solutions and guarantee that everything will be taken care of.


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Placed between two press brakes, the ToolShuttle provides both machines with the tools needed.

Customers are calling for ever smaller batches. That is why H. P. Kaysser attaches great importance to efficient and flexible production.

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