Small, lightweight, powerful The newly developed, cordless TRUMPF TruTool power tools feature impressive above-average duty cycle and singular operating convenience.

Since October 2014 TRUMPF has offered reengineered power tools with 10.8 volt Li-ion batteries and gearing optimized for battery power.

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Small, lightweight, powerful

New power tools made by TRUMPF – incorporating rechargeable batteries –  set new standards with Power Head technology.

They are light in weight and feature both long duty cycles and short charging periods. The new TRUMPF tools fitted with Li-ion rechargeable batteries are highly impressive thanks to their high power and singular operating convenience. These newly developed, cordless TruTool power tools have been available since the close of 2014: the PN 130 profiling nibbler, the S 160 shears, the C 160 slitting shears, and the S 114 trimming shears. 

The foundation for the enhanced mobility is improved Li-ion battery technology, augmented by a mechanical design with light-alloy gear heads optimized for battery operation – the so-called Power Head technology. Michael Keilbach, Sales Manager for Germany in the Power Tools Division at TRUMPF, explains: “Our engineers have aligned many of the gear head’s details with the lower voltage provided by batteries. Thus, for example, the motor pinion is decoupled from the motor. This minimizes the amount of power consumed.” All in all, each of these new TruTool units achieves an above-average duty cycle.

Short charging periods for uninterrupted operation

In all of its new cordless electrical tools TRUMPF employs the current 10.8 volt Li-ion battery technology offering either two ampere-hours (standard) or four ampere-hours (optional).


TRUMPF power tools with 10.8 volt Li-ion batteries and gearing optimized for battery power are uniquely lightweight and easy to use in their specific power classes.

This makes it possible for the tools to run for an extended period. By way of example: In mild steel with tensile strength of 400 N/mm², at thickness of 0.8 millimeters, the TruTool S 160 can cut 100 meters with a two ampere-hour battery and with four ampere-hours even 200 meters.

Up to 24 percent lighter in weight than similar shears and nibblers

Electronic single-cell monitoring in both the machine and the charger protects the battery against overloading, overheating and deep discharge. This guarantees long service lives and perfect performance. Not only does TRUMPF deliver two batteries as standard. In addition, the charging periods are very short. In the two ampere-hour version recharging to 80 percent of capacity takes only 15 minutes while complete charging consumes just 30 minutes. This makes for virtually uninterrupted operation. To realize this not just theoretically, but practically, as well, the low weight of the new TruTool designs is decisive. Here, again, TRUMPF products demonstrate a significant advantage when compared with similar shears and nibblers on the market since they are up to 24 percent lighter in weight.

Ergonomic and practical

The slender, ergonomic design proves to be just as important in practice. The developers have achieved the optimum distribution of weight between the gear head and the motor. The soft grip at the motor case makes for a secure grasp. This permits convenient work, without excess fatigue, over extended periods. Beyond that, TRUMPF has also paid attention to small, practical details. Colored LEDs (green, yellow, red) are conspicuous indicators of the charge level in the battery. With the attachment of a hook – which can be mounted on the side of the motor – the TruTool can be hung on the belt or pants pocket. In this way the tool is always held secure and ready for use whenever both hands are briefly occupied with other tasks.

Delivered in the TRUMPF system cases, the battery-powered tools can be stacked one above the other and locked with a turn of the handle.

Michael Keilbach also mentions another highlight: the integral speed regulator. It compensates for sudden changes in the gauge at edges and seams. “If a worker is cutting through a spiral duct, for example, he will regularly encounter double sheet thicknesses. Our new battery-powered machines compensate for this. Thus the worker can cut through the sheet metal at uniform performance and nearly constant cutting speed.”

All the 10.8 volt machines are delivered in the system case. These so-called TRUMPF Boxes can be stacked one above the other and locked in place with a simple turn of the knob. Thanks to specially designed latches, each case can be opened individually, however, without having to remove it from the stack. This principle is helpful, since the system cases make it possible to carry several tools at once and store them on a small footprint. 


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This article was first published in January 2015. 

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