What can be said in favor of <br> a pre-owned Machine? No matter whether new or used: Kai Schulze of TRUMPF’s quality management section explains why customers are always on the safe side.

Kai Schulze, quality representative at TRUMPF, makes sure that your pre-owned machine will be as good as new.

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What can be said in favor of
a pre-owned Machine?

First choice for second hand: pre-owned Machines from TRUMPF are a real alternative thanks to standardized quality processes.

What benefits do pre-owned Machines offer?

Quite apart from the financial aspect – which is the decisive factor for many customers – a popular argument in favor of purchasing a used machine is that it can usually be delivered a lot sooner. Customers are, however, wary of making any compromises that might affect quality. Just as when buying new machines, they rely on TRUMPF’s quality pledge.

And can you keep this promise?

Absolutely! Customers, who purchase a pre-owned machine at TRUMPF, receive a warranty on both parts and materials. Our customers don’t pay a penny for TRUMPF’s services during the warranty period. This sets us far apart from nearly all our competitors. And, all of the parts used when machines are serviced or overhauled are TRUMPF Original Spare Parts. And, of course, we guarantee that any required service will be performed only by TRUMPF technicians from the Technical Service department.

What is the standard procedure for overhauling a machine?

This is done using a checklist which can contain up to 150 items. It is compiled – and continuously up-dated – in a joint effort by our experts in the production plants, quality management and, international after-sales service organizations. If, for example, we are dealing with a laser machine, the items to be checked will be identified by the experts in our Grüsch facility in Switzerland. Standards for bending machines are defined by our specialists in Pasching, Austria. Whenever a new model is introduced, we generate a new checklist especially for that model.

So that means that, if I buy a pre-owned Machine, I’m on the safe side?

Yes, because you can rest assured that your machine will be in expert hands until it is dispatched. It will be installed on your premises as per TRUMPF regulations and, after the machine has been commissioned, a test piece will be used to verify the machine’s precision. The procedure is identical to the one used for a brand new machine. In the future we will also perform customer surveys specifically aimed at those who have purchased used machines. We will use the feedback to improve this service even further.

How many used machines do you sell a year?

Last year we installed about 130 machines. Some of them came from customers while others had been in our own Training and Demonstration Center. You will find offers for pre-owned Machines on TRUMPF’s web site.


Any questions?

Contact us: MastersofSheetMetal@trumpf.com

This article was first published in spring 2012.

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