Head start through Know-how At the TRUMPF Training Center Andreas Rentschler and his team offer perfect training to keep you one step ahead.

Andreas Rentschler is manager of the thoroughly modern TRUMPF Training Center.

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What is so very special about TRUMPF Training?

Andreas Rentschler and his team from the TRUMPF training Center in Ditzingen deliver masses of knowledge to both customers and TRUMPF’s own employees.

Why is training important?

Ours are high-tech products that can be properly used only if operators and programmers are fully aware of their potentials. About eighty percent of our buyers are job shops that have to respond flexibly to customer demands. Whenever new assignments come their way, they have to be able to say, without hesitation: “Sure, we can do that.” But not only do our clients have to be on the ball. Our technicians have to be up to date and that’s why they attend training here.

What is the concept behind training?

We start with courses providing the basics in machine programming and operation. Building on that, we intensify that knowledge with courses on problem solving. There, for example, special cutting tasks and optimizing programming are in the limelight. Maintenance and repair courses are also important. All our training has great practical relevance. In training for operators, for instance, they spend three-quarters of their time at the machines.

Who are the instructors?

We have forty-six full-time instructors who all started out on the shop floor. They design the courses and prepare the schooling materials.

What has changed in recent years?

The knowledge participants bring with them varies widely today. That is why we have installed basic courses for beginners and people retraining for a new job. These lessons are scheduled for the day before the actual course starts. What’s more, expectations are far more varied nowadays. The need for application consulting is great. Trainees arrive with very specific needs and look for closely defined support. They may have questions about the machines’ potentials, about special tools, or about process optimization. Also in demand is on-site production support, when we help customers during their fledgling efforts, just after the installation of their new machines.

And what about foreign customers?

Everyone can use the TRUMPF training programs offered by our local offices. But customers can also attend a course in Ditzingen, where experienced interpreters will assist them. What’s more, there are courses on special subjects that are held only in Germany. 


Any questions?

Contact us: MastersofSheetMetal@trumpf.com

This article was first published in autumn 2011.

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Would you have guessed it?

  • 10,500 trainees per year


  • 3,000 square meters on the shop floor


  • 26 machines available for training


  • 40 interpreters for 17 languages


  • 29 seminar rooms


  • 2,000 courses per year


  • 200 meals per day


  • 6,000 cups of coffee per month