A clean solution for laser production Simple, production-integrated cleaning of slats with TRUMPF's TruTool TSC 100.

Hans-Dieter and Patrick Gugel of LST Laser & Schalttechnik GmbH & Co. KG are convinced of the merits of TRUMPF machines and tools: “The quality of their machines and tools is every bit as outstanding as their performance and the service offered.”

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A clean solution for laser production

Simple, production-integrated cleaning of slats with TRUMPF’s TruTool TSC 100.

Excellent flexibility is an important feature for the sheet metal specialists at LST Laser- und Schalttechnik. Automated TRUMPF laser systems, among other factors, are of critical importance for this job shop in order to always be able to process a wide range of orders in a reliable manner. In order to maintain production quality at a consistently high standard, LST ensures that excessive slag does not accumulate on the pallet tables. They therefore use the TRUMPF TruTool TSC 100 slat cleaner for regular cleaning.

The crucial characteristics of Neuffen-based LST Laser- und Schalttechnik GmbH & Co.KG are flexibility and reliability – the company’s founder and owner, Hans-Dieter Gugel, has no doubt about this: “Even when I set up my company as a one-man band a mere 20 years ago, I knew that I had to satisfy my customers one hundred percent. Only then would my business take off. Today, I feel fully vindicated, because that is what has happened.” Meanwhile, some 50 employees have become imbued with their boss’s philosophy, and ensure that the business runs smoothly round the clock.

Manufacturing versatility knows no bounds

The company machines around 1200 tonnes of EU steel every year. Both the composition of the material and the product types vary widely. LST’s portfolio includes base frames for various machines, systems and aircraft tractors made from solid 20-mm mild steel, as well as 3D facade cladding sheets and 2-mm designer ground-finish stainless steel toilet brush holders. LST’s product manufacturing versatility knows virtually no bounds, according to Patrick Gugel, the founder’s son, also a director of the company. This is because the LST service portfolio is extensive and embraces not only its core business of sheet metal machining, i.e. bending, laser cutting, TIG, MAG and spot welding, but also a range of machining tasks such as drilling, trimming, thread cutting and reaming.

TruLaser 3030 flatbed laser machine – from the industry leader

Anyone who wants to produce to a high standard needs high-quality technology. This is one of the major reasons why TRUMPF has been one of Hans-Dieter Gugel’s major suppliers going right back to 1997. This was when he bought his first TruLaser 3030 2D laser machine, and he affirms: “Already in the 90s, the Ditzingen-based group was the industry leader in the field of sheet metal machining systems – and the same remains true today.” His son Patrick also confirms this, adding: “The quality of the machines and tools is every bit as outstanding as their performance and the service provided.” Both father and son also mention the benefits provided by ease of maintenance and the practical solution for pallet changes.

With the TruTool TSC 100, a single person can clean the slats with no downtime.

LST’s machinery fleet includes five different TRUMPF press brakes, a TruLaser Cell 1005 3D laser machine and three TruLaser 2D laser systems, which are automated via the so-called PalletMaster Tower. The latter plays a particularly important role in the third, usually unattended, shift. The pallets are loaded with material by the employees working the late shift so that the TruLaser machines can remain in operation overnight, and process orders round the clock. Patrick is particularly happy with the excellence of the machines and of the material handling: “In my opinion, the process reliability and quality of this combination are unbeatable. We have never had any problems with it.”

Useful TruTool power tools

TRUMPF power tools are also extremely uncomplicated and practical – as is their handling, too. LST’s welders have used various TruTool TKF bevellers and TruTool TKA deburrers for bevel preparation for more than 10 years now. Meanwhile, a special tool from TRUMPF has since then taken even greater importance. Since the beginning of 2012, operators have been using the new TruTool TSC 100 support slat cleaner to remove slag from LST’s flatbed laser systems.

Open-minded to innovative solutions, LST purchased its predecessor, the TruTool TSC 1, as long ago as 2006. Compared with knocking the slag off with a hammer, this device has greatly simplified the employees’ task. Yet, according to Patrick Gugel, things could get even better: “The idea was a good one, but we were unable to use it to remove stainless steel slag, and we needed two employees for the cleaning process.” The junior director discussed these criticisms with his TRUMPF Sales Consultant, Thomas Müller-Hirsch, who passed this problem on to his company’s development team. Always open to suggestions, TRUMPF included this in their ongoing development process, and LST became a pilot user. “A genuine win-win situation”, explains Patrick Gugel: “TRUMPF took on board our suggestions for improving the TSC, and we were then able to acquire a product which meets all of the key criteria for a job shop. This even improved the productivity and quality of our sheet metal production.”

Removing slag of every kind from slats

With the TruTool TSC 100, a single person can clean the slats with no downtime. The operator positions the device at any point and switches it on. Two “rows of teeth” grip the slat and move vertically upwards along it. This shaves off the slag in a single even, upward movement – both on the sides of the slat and between the tips. Any slight bending of the tips of the slats is also re-aligned. During this shaving movement, the operator moves the device from side to side. Once it reaches the end of the slat, the TruTool TSC 100 is placed on the next row, and it continues working. “We are really fast and thorough with this device. It also enables us to remove any material that the laser can cut – not only mild steel and aluminum, but also stubborn stainless steel slag”, confirms LST Production Manager, Mario Kraushaar.

A further plus is the low wear on the only relevant consumable components of a modern slat cleaner – its cleaning tools. According to the Production Manager, the first pair is still in use after 150 cleaned tables: “At present, I cannot say precisely how long these will last. But I am definitely very satisfied.”


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TruLaser Cell 1005, 3 x TruLaser machines, 5 x TRUMPF press brakes

The innovative working principle of the TruTool TSC 100: Both “rows of teeth” grip the slat and move vertically upwards along it. The slag is shaved off with a single even, upward movement.

LST employee, Filiberto Dzul, is delighted that they no longer have to remove the slag with a hammer: “With TRUMPF’s support slat cleaner, we can work really quickly and thoroughly.”

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