Exact trimming for drywall studs Samuel Roth cuts metal studs for an Alpine Switzerland’s hotel with a nibbler made by TRUMPF.

In Samuel Roth’s opinion, his most important tool is the TruTool N/PN 200 nibbler made by TRUMPF.

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Exact trimming for drywall studs

Businessman Samuel Roth banks on nibblers made by TRUMPF.

High-quality drywall partitions divide the rooms and corridors of an Alpine Switzerland’s five-star hotel. An important prerequisite: The supporting structure is made of stable and rugged metal studs, and they have to be cut exactly to dimensions. This is a task that drywall specialist Samuel Roth entrusts only to the highly flexible TruTool N/PN 200 nibbler. “With its help, I can finish my work faster than with any other tool.”

The operators of the hotel accept no comprises when it comes to guests’ comfort and the hotel’s quality. This is illustrated by the drywall construction for the walls. To ensure the best possible fire protection and sound insulation up to 62 decibels, double-stud framing was first erected; it was then finished with five layers of plasterboard. This is a task that was shouldered in part by drywall expert Samuel Roth and his employees. His company is located in Igis, Switzerland.

C-profiles cut to match

The decisive foundation for a drywall is the basic framing, made up of stable metal profiles. U-shaped channels are screwed to the floor and the ceiling, serving as the bottom and top tracks. The vertical C-profiles are then inserted between them and are spaced at 62.5 centimeters. In this way Samuel Roth – working on the nine stories in the hotel – installed about 750 U-channels and 3,500 C-profiles.

Since ceiling heights vary, all the C-profiles had to be cut to match the length measured at each location. In addition, various openings had to be cut in the U-channels and C-profiles to allow for the passage of pipes and cables. It was also necessary to notch the profiles topping circular arches and to fit the stiffener studs for door openings.

These are tasks for which Roth uses only the combined nibbler – the TruTool N/PN 200 developed by TRUMPF. For the first few months when he started out in drywalling, Samuel Roth worked with hand shears. He remembers: “From sore muscles to tendonitis – I had every kind of ache and pain.”  He also describes the considerable danger of cuts resulting from the very fine burrs that can always be created when you cut with manual shears.

Free of burrs and no distortion of the metal

Those things simply cannot happen when you use the Series 200 nibblers, weighing just two kilograms. They do not damage the surface, are free of burrs, and do not distort the metal. Working at superb cutting quality, these units can effortlessly trim sheet metal profiles up to 0.6 millimeters in thickness. According to Roth, the machine shows hardly any wear at all.

One further advantage he feels worth mentioning is the flexibility of the new tool, since he regularly needs both the professional nibbler – the TruTool PN 200, and the standard TruTool N 200. “The PN 200 is perfect for straight cuts on C and U profiles.” Where notches or other rounded cuts are needed, then the TruTool N 200 puts its advantages to full use. “This nibbler is extremely maneuverable and, thanks to its round punch, can even turn on its own axis,” Roth notes.

Quickly converted

The TruTool nibblers in Series 200 can be converted to another configuration both quickly and without tools. As they bite into the sheet metal once again, the direction along which the tool works can be set as desired, in 45-degree steps. If need be, it can even be turned around its own axis. When in use, it can achieve cutting speeds of about two meters per minute. Even the stiffener profiles for door openings, two millimeters thick, can be separated without any problems.         


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On U or C sections the flexible and versatile TruTool N 200 nibbler cuts various notches and passages for pipes or cables.

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