Larger than Life Inoxidables de San Luis provides for its customers, including large format laser cutting with its newTruLaser 8000.

Mr. Paulino Cavazos has grown Inoxidables de San Luis into one of the largest stainless steel suppliers in Mexico.

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Larger than Life

Inoxidables de San Luis has become one of the largest stainless steel suppliers in Mexico under the leadership of Mr. Paulino Cavazos and his vision for excellence in metal fabrication. Last year, the company installed TruLaser 8000 to enhance its capabilities and supply its customers with outstanding quality in oversized format processing. Here, Mr. Cavazos speaks about building a business and longstanding relationships with customers.

Mr. Cavazos, can you tell us a bit about how your company got its start and how has it grown since?

Inoxidables de San Luis was founded in June 1991 with the main purpose of providing service, attention and assistance to stainless steel consumers in Mexico. We began our company with the main office in San Luis Potosi. We started in San Luis Potosi because it is a state that is geographically close to the main cities in Mexico. With the success obtained at our headquarters, we established offices in Tampico, Aguascalientes, Leon, Querétaro and México City, to offer closer service to a large number of our customers located in these states.

What is manufacturing like at Inoxidables de San Luis?

Our manufacturing is based on the needs of the customer. We have laser cutting machines and we can cut from thin gauges (0.5 mm) to very thick gauges (25.4 mm) we also have other machines like bending machines, punching machine and shears. This allows us to enter in all type of industries like automotive, chemical laboratories, kitchen and food service, metalworking, cabinets for electrical circuits and others. In addition, Inoxidables de San Luis is ISO 9001: 2008 certified company which serves as a guarantee to our customers that we will provide them with quality services to their total satisfaction.

Inoxidables de San Luis provides for its customers, including large format laser cutting with its new TruLaser 8000.

Was this desire for the customer’s total satisfaction why you choose to invest in a large format machine, your TruLaser 8000?

Yes, we recognized the need for large format processing in our area and made the decision to buy the TruLaser 8000 from TRUMPF because it gives the advantage of laser cutting sheet metal parts up to six meters in length. The ability to fabricate parts of this size as a single piece ensures safe, fast and precise processing of the material and thus doubles our productivity. The machine is extremely accurate whether we are cutting thick or thin sheets and this quality is something our customers expect. We always make decisions to invest in new technologies with their needs on our mind. And this is the only machine with these specifications throughout the center of the country.

In addition to precision in manufacturing, what other services do you provide customers?

Besides fabricated products, our company is a leader in all aspects of the stainless steel market. We sell stainless steel sheet and plates, diamond plate, angles, round, square and flat bar, round, square and rectangular tubes, pipe tube and handrail tube fitting. With these offerings and our fabricated products we hope to give our customers everything they need in stainless steel and also in excellent service.

Your business leadership has become a reference for many other companies following your path in the metal fabrication industry. What is your approach?

At Inoxidables de San Luis, we are committed to continuous improvement within our own company, as well as to performing with professionalism to offer our products and services. We look to do this according to the needs of our customers and with the purpose of achieving their satisfaction, thus ensuring a lasting business relationship. This is our goal. In this way we have been fortune to grow our business alongside our customers who trust in us to support them.

Is this how you have been able to build Inoxidables de San Luis into one of the largest stainless steel suppliers in Mexico?

Our company is a leader in the stainless market because we have a very committed team, and because it is clear that the most important thing to us is offering excellent service to our customer. And we have 25 years of experience and constant work in fulfilling and satisfying the needs of our customers.


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This article was first published in summer 2017.

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Inoxidables de San Luis, San Luis, S.L.P., Mexico. Founded in 1991.


One of the largest stainless steel suppliers in Mexico and an expert in precision processing, including large format laser cutting


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