Does laser welding have a future? In spite of convincing arguments the controversy about the pros and cons of laser welding has been raging for years now. We are entirely convinced by this trend-setting technology.

Mathias Kammüller, Dr. Eng., Head of TRUMPF Machine Tool Division.

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Does laser welding have a future?

Over one hundred years ago, Kaiser Wilhelm II predicted: “I believe in horses. Automobiles are only a flash in the pan”. Now just imagine what would have happened if inventors had been discouraged by this comment.

Some technological developments are less readily accepted while others seem to have the red carpet rolled out for them. For years now, controversy has been raging about the pros and cons of laser welding. Skepticism remains in spite of convincing arguments such as high quality and efficiency, in spite of the multitude of materials this technology can process, and indeed even in spite of conclusive figures demonstrating savings in manufacturing costs. Given all these reasons, doubting the further development of this trend-setting technology would mean that we are not entirely convinced by it. But we are!

This is why we regard it as our obligation to develop products such as the new TruLaser Robot 5020 Basic Edition, which makes things easier and more affordable at the level. And we indeed develop solutions like laser networks, for example, which makes it possible to try this technology at affordable expense. The exciting contribution “Unconventional and successful” on this website shows how well this can work.


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This article was first published in Spring 2015.

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Laser welding offers every conceivable kind of weld and the technology scores with visible seams that are of the best optical quality.

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